Work With Us

Whether you don’t have a single word written, have part of your book created, or are ready to birth your completed manuscript or oracle card deck into the world, we are ready to support you.

We support our clients in two ways: book publishing and oracle card deck publishing

Book Publishing

Get Your Book Published

Get your book published with our white glove service. Not only will we guide you through the process, but we will do all of the work to get your book published for you. This includes book design, layout, publishing on Amazon, launch marketing, and more!

Click here to see our published works.

Write Your Book in 12 Months

In our signature group program, Divine Writing Journey, you receive the support and guidance you need to refine your message, bring your non-fiction book to life, and combat writer’s block once and for all!

Write and complete your book in this 12-month journey inside of a potent container of sisterhood and catalytic inspiration. By the end of 12 months, you will have “birthed” a fully edited book, and you will be confident and ready to choose your next steps on the publishing path.

Write in a Community

Divine Writer’s Club is for those who are looking for accountability, to be activated and catalyzed to write, and bust through writer’s block. This is where you can build lifelong relationships and bask in a safe community of other inspiring writers while also getting support from a publisher. Join us for monthly Q&A calls and writing temples!

Get a Jumpstart With Your Book

We created the Sacred Writer’s Toolkit for writers who need a helping hand to get started (or restarted). Use the resources inside this bundle to navigate through the normal things that every writer experiences, whether you struggle with getting started, finishing your writing goal to marketing and selling your writing.

This toolkit also comes with a 6-month membership to Divine Writer’s Club!

Get Published in an Anthology

Write a chapter for one of our anthologies and become a published author! The first two books in our Turning Point Anthology series went bestseller! We are now enrolling for Volume 3 to be released in Fall 2024. There are 22 spots available in this volume including 5 featured author spots. Are you ready to share your message and become a published author?

Oracle Card Deck Publishing

Create Your Deck in Community

This group program is an intimate circle for 8 women, guided personally by Astara Ashley. We will have LIVE calls, offering you the opportunity to design and create your very own oracle deck, tailored specifically to your needs and desires. With our easy-to-use portal filled with resources, templates, and tools, plus expert guidance, you will bring your vision to life and create a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Get Your Deck Published

Publishing an oracle card deck with Flower of Life Press is a unique journey towards bringing your spiritual insights and artistic visions to life. We specialize in transformative works, providing a supportive platform for authors and artists to share their divinely inspired oracle decks. By partnering with Flower of Life Press, creators can expect expert guidance through the editing, design, and distribution processes, ensuring their oracle card deck reaches audiences worldwide and makes a lasting impact on the spiritual community.

“Divine Writing Journey provided many practical tools for unleashing the hidden story I had been wanting to tell for over a decade… The more I learned about writing as a devotional practice, the more I dropped into deeper layers of my truest voice.”

~ Coco Oya Cienna, co-author of Sovereign Unto Herself & Set Sail

“Astara was a powerful focalizer of this transformational writing circle where the seeds of creative expression were tended, nourished, and cherished.”

~ Aurora Farber, co-author of New Feminine Evolutionary and more

“I had a beautiful experience working with Flower of Life Press and my amazing co-authors on the Ancient Future Unity anthology.”

~ Kawana Williams, co-author of Ancient Future Unity