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Do you desire to write a book but feel blocked? Maybe you feel it’s a struggle with getting started, or perhaps you feel like an imposter unworthy of writing.

You may also feel fear of exposure, or an inability to carve out the time to get the project done.

Maybe you have your book written but are daunted with the next step of publishing and birthing it into the world.

If you suffer with any of these issues, you are not alone.

Creativity exists in all of us. Our job is to find your spark and and true voice, and give you the tools to create your book or brand.

By joining us on your journey—letting our imagination and intention merge with yours—the fire in you will burn brighter and reflect clearly who you are and where you want to go in your business and personal life.

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With almost 45 years of experience in publishing, sales, design and marketing, books run deep in our blood.

Our passion is fueled by the voices and purpose of our authors as expressed in print, websites and social media outlets.

As your partner, we build you a unique container and present it to the world with style, pride and love.

Flower of Life Press is committed to our authors, collaborators and community of evolving readers.

We believe in your potential, and our business will evolve with you, utilizing every available tool to maximize your impact and attract the clients and readers who will resonate with your message.

We are here to serve you.

“Divine Writing Journey provided many practical tools for unleashing the hidden story I had been wanting to tell for over a decade… The more I learned about writing as a devotional practice, the more I dropped into deeper layers of my truest voice.”

~ Coco Oya Cienna, co-author of Sovereign Unto Herself & Set Sail

“I’m forever grateful to Flower of Life Press and Astara Jane Ashley for the continued love and support as I grow as a writer and thought leader. Astara helped me launch my message into the world with the New Feminine Evolutionarybook series. This helped me build my business, create products based on my writing, and expand my message with invitations to more and more podcasts and summits.”

~ Aurora Farber, co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary

“The branding, editing and publishing parts that were so daunting to me, as to make it impossible were seamless and stress-free. Flower of Life Press took it all out of my hands and produced a top quality result that I’m very proud of. Operations Manager, Barbara Solis is a rare gem too. Work with Flower of Life Press if you have a plan to bring your book to the world.”

~ Alvagh Cronin, author of “The Bridge of Now”

I am on track to complete my book BEFORE my target date. The container Astara has created is so deeply supportive, full of inspiration and practical tools that have helped me along the way… It was just what I needed to birth my book!”

~ Rima Bonario, author of The Seven Queendoms